CIT, December 01, 1999

Present: Channing, Cottrell, Koop, Matthews, Wicker

Tyler Koop suggested something be done to help students, especially first year students to access e-mail from home during the break. It was mentioned that "Mailman" works well, but is not supported by IS. With this program students don't need IGN accounts, and could use whatever they have at home.

The problem of the floppy drives in the desktop machines was brought to the IS-ITC-ACS meeting yesterday. It will be escalated with IBM. The machines are believed to be under an on-site service warranty. Also at this meeting it was mentioned that Norton Antivirus 4.5 and above can cause crashes to Netscape and Word. Performance is enhanced (as are risks) by turning it off.

The ACS career path issue seems to be in abeyance, according to remarks from Jay to Allin, while Kathie Fansler is out on leave. Dean Escott had reported it was still on track, so there is still some confusion.

Steve reported that the Help Desk is building a knowledge base, and that Romance Languages will be piloting online course evaluations. There was agreement that too few faculty report bugs, thinking that they are at fault when something occurs.

Rick opened discussion of MS Office 2000 as the standard for next year. Once it is released, it almost forces us to use it. The question of compatibility with earlier versions was raised. Next year's OS will probably be be WIN9-something, as 2000 may not be ready and NT is also unready for our needs.

Rhoda reported that she is sending Susan Smith to a national conference on electronic theses and dissertations, and hope that we will be able to mount ours on the library server in the future. Rick suggested that his department might go in that direction.

No meeting time has been determined for next semester as yet.

Rhoda Channing