CIT, November 10, 1999

Present: Allin Cottrell, Jay Dominick, Leah McCoy, Rick Matthews, Steve Wicker

The meeting was taken up with two main items: discussion of ACS responsibilities and the ACS career plan, and a report from Jay on various pieces of IS news.

The committee believes there is a widespread lack of clarity over the proper role of ACSs, in particular the demarcation between the respective responsibilities of the ACSs and tech support personnel associated with the Help Desk. To remedy this, we agreed that the original document specifying the ACSs' roles should be posted on the CIT web page. We'd like to ensure that this information is given to all new faculty, and we also asked Jay to communicate it to the Help Desk people.

On the ACS career plan, Jay said that due to personnel changes in Human Resources it looks unlikely that the plan will be rolled out on November 15, as we had previously heard from Dean Escott. While the delay is unfortunate in itself, hopefully this will create an opportunity for further discussion before the roll out. The committee would like to see, and have the opportunity to comment on, the final draft plan before it goes into effect. Jay said he would forward to us the last draft he has. We hope that the ACSs will be kept informed of developments.

In IS news, Jay told us that

Allin Cottrell