CIT, October 13, 1999

Present: Rhoda Channing, Allin Cottrell, Rick Matthews, Gordon McCray.

The committee discussed the "suspend" problem with the newest Thinkpads. The solution recommended by IS is disabling the "suspend" function. Allin Cottrell related that 3 BIOS upgrades have been released since our machines were made. Updating his BIOS fixed his "suspend" problem. The committee recommends that IS investigate securing the updates and asking the ACS's to upgrade the BIOS for faculty who have such a need.

The autosave bug in Word was discussed. The university must rely on Microsoft and IBM to develop a correction for this problem. The bug appears if Word does an autosave when the file has not yet been saved (with a name).

The committee discussed once more the way the acfiles and www-home directory permissions have been set. The disabling of read/execute permissions for files saved to acfiles/www-home continues to confuse faculty. We need a communication from IS to faculty describing the change, why it was put in place, and why www-home and acfiles/www-home can no longer be treated as equivalent. The committee will ask that IS notify users in advance of such changes in the future.

The committee heard a report from a user that she was not able to get SPSS from the help desk as she expected. She stated that the help desk referred her to her ACS, who did not have the software. The committee asks IS to establish a mechanism for making eligible software available to faculty.

The committee discussed the need for educating faculty in the use of the help desk. Members of the committee felt that too many faculty are reluctant to call the help desk with their problems. Perhaps as part of new computer training, some time can be devoted to encouraging use of the help desk and explaining how it works. Included in the training should be discussions of how to escalate a problem if the user feels his or her problem is not being adequately addressed.

The committee discussed the problem of bandwidth of the connection from campus to the rest of the world. The committee will ask Jay Dominick to share with the committee any plans to upgrade the off-campus connection.

Rick Matthews