CIT, September 29, 1999

Present: Channing, Cottrell, Koop, McCoy, McCray, Titus and Wicker. Guest: Lee Norris

The two agenda items were CourseInfo and security on the campus network, following hacking incidents in Math/CSC and IS.

Lee reported that the entry price for the Blackboard product is $85,000, including back end features which we don't need. Gordon indicated that CourseInfo 3.0 is not all released. He has been assured that CourseInfo will not go away. He will be getting more information from the president of Blackboard. After that has been received, the CIT will issue a letter stating that CourseInfo will be the standard for the next two years. Lee indicated that links can be developed between WIN and CourseInfo. Satisfaction with CourseInfo is very high. Perry Patterson has used it to survey students and advisors and tally results, and it was very effective.

Deaconfiles will be getting a new interface, but it is available now. Information will be circulated when the new interface is done.

Steve Wicker reported that the Math/CSC network was invaded through the webserver, causing slowdowns. He would like the university to have secure FTP and telnet. An IS Sparc station was also hacked this week. Tim Covey has priced secure FTP and it is very expensive. The security feature encrypts the password and data. Although the source of the hacking was identified, nothing was resolved. Allin Cottrell suggested a secure shell for Windows/NT. Lee indicated that SecureFast is being implemented to make sniffing passwords more difficult.

Koop reported that students are still in the workgroup of the residence they lived in last year. Lee suggested they re-run the registration script, which is now hard to find. He will ask Tim Covey to put something together for the students.

The next meeting will be October 13 at 8am.

Rhoda K. Channing