CIT, September 15, 1999

Present: Channing, Cottrell, Dominick, King, Matthews, McCoy, Titus, Wicker.

Guest: Lee Norris

The CIT met in room 204 of the Library at 8:30 am. Leah McCoy reported a problem her students were having in gaining access to online resources. The IPC$ error may occur when students haven't registered their machines, according to Norris and Dominick.

Members reported receiving password change memos recently.

Kathie Fansler told Allin Cottrell that little has happened with the career plan for the ACSs, although a meeting is scheduled with Dean Escott, Jay and Kathie to discuss this topic on September 30.

The program on Course Shells scheduled at ICCEL for Friday of this week has been rescheduled for November. Harry Titus asked whether we had committed to CourseInfo, which is heavily used and generally liked. Jay will survey faculty to assess their satisfaction with it.

Lee described the goal of the file sharing system as an easy way to assign file space to classes. It is an attempt to create a product integrating class rosters and files. He demonstrated the Alpha 3 version of what we are calling Deaconfiles. It uses UNIX permission structures and can permit or prevent file uploads and downloads. For faculty who like the current interface the system can be used now as a Beta version which will be set up at http://Deaconfiles.wfu.edu

The system can't yet handle subfolders.

The regular meeting time of the CIT has been changed to 8:00am to accommodate the student member. Rhoda announced that coffee would be provided.

Rhoda Channing.

Addendum on Courseinfo:

Allin pointed out that the series of ICCEL workshops on course shells might provide useful information on which to base a decision for Wake Forest. Unfortunately these workshops have been postponed to November. Did we think it was advisable to wait till then before making a CIT recommendation?

Harry argued that we should not wait: the various products had been compared in the past; people were now using CourseInfo on a large scale and finding it very useful; and we should make a timely commitment so that faculty know where they stand for the Spring semester.

Harry's point carried. We decided to wait only until we are able to get an updated report from Gordon on BlackBoard's plans regarding the future of CourseInfo as an "unbundled" product. If that report is satisfactory (and if Jay's upcoming survey of satisfaction levels among CourseInfo users does not turn up any nasty surprises) we should be ready to commit.

Committing means that we (or IS, or both) make a clear statement to faculty that CourseInfo is available for all, is supported, and will continue to be supported for the medium term (several semesters).