CIT, September 1, 1999

Present: Channing, Cottrell, Dominick, Escott, Koop (student), Matthews, McCoy, Wicker

The first item of business was election of officers for the year. Allin Cottrell was elected to a second term as chair, and Rhoda Channing volunteered to serve as secretary.

The new WIN system and online registration were reviewed, and Jay Dominick ventured that the problems which caused the system crash and long delays have been resolved. Dean Escott asked about cutting the time needed for registration on the system.

The status of IGN as the ISP of Wake Forest is being examined. An RFP is out for the replacement of IGN, but committee members praised IGN for its current performance. The university pays for unlimited use accounts, which amounts to overpaying, as the average use is 12 hours a month. There were special concerns about travel abroad and access to the internet.

Outstanding issues from last year include the future of CourseInfo, and Dave Brown will be invited to the next CIT meeting to update the committee. 75 faculty members have been trained on CourseInfo and interest is high.

Also unresolved is a career path for the Academic Computing Specialists. Kathy Fansler will be asked about any recent developments.

Jay described the university's two approaches to file sharing: one is an internal plan, tentatively called "Deaconfiles" which will be set up for each course and the students enrolled in it; the other is with an external internet start up company that will give each person at WFU 25 MGs for storing files which can be shared.

This year the CIT will be discussing next year's load, and the future of our laptop approach.

Of great interest was the discussion of a program to sell seniors NEW Thinkpads in January, letting them trade in their machines at a rate commensurate with its condition. Students would be unwilling to deal with a swap in May. The Microsoft license can be transferred to graduating students for the first time, and faculty may also buy a license for home use.

Some faculty were surprised by a a change in the permissions in the AC Files Home, that affected their access to their files. CIT members asked for advance notice.

The load on the labs from debaters and summer programs participants was mentioned.

The regular meeting time of the CIT will be every other Wednesday morning at 8:30am.

Rhoda K. Channing