CIT, April 20, 1999

Present at the meeting: Channing, Cottrell, Dominick, Evans, McCray, Pendergraft, Titus, Warren, Wicker. Guest: Tom McGohey

Tom McGohey was invited to the meeting to discuss the collaborative writing requirements of the English Department and the writing program. The committee wants to be certain that programs under consideration for the future will meet those needs. Tom indicated that we should be thinking about 1) easy general access, 2) threaded discussions, and 3) rich text capability. The capabilities of CourseInfo were described for Tom. Then, Jay Dominick told us that beginning in the fall term of 1999 there will be file server space for each class that is listed with the Registrar. Documents can be dropped into these files, and faculty will be able to manipulate the class roster access. Faculty will be able to use either or both of these systems. Jay was asked about replication of materials in the files. At present, replication is not possible; updated materials would exist as separate files.

Gordon McCray indicated that the Course Management subcommittee would meet next Thursday. The pilot program using CourseInfo is working more smoothly now, but is still subject to ``vexatious problems.'' Gordon believes we will probably extend the pilot program into next year with a larger number of pilots.

Jay discussed solutions to modem access problems. He is considering using a local service that would supply direct access to the network. Those living outside the local telephone area (an area yet to be determined) or traveling would check out an IGN account from the help desk. Jay is working with 100 units as an initial number for the modems, and plans to adjust that number based on usage patterns. Student access plans would be separate from this faculty and staff plan.

A recommendation that the university adopt Sigma Plot as its graphing package will be coming to the committee for approval. ACS issues will be a main topic at the next meeting.

The next meeting is scheduled for May 4th at 3 PM.

Harry Titus