CIT, April 6, 1999

Present: Channing, Cottrell, Evans, Matthews, Pendergraft, Warren, Wicker.

The Committee held a free-ranging discussion in the course of which the following points and questions arose.

Course Info: What is the current status of this project? We took it that (a) the pilot participants were in general quite pleased with the software, despite many small operational glitches this semester. On the other hand (b) there are competing products emerging that might be better in the long run. Recommendation: Don't commit to Course Info just yet, but continue at a pilot level into the next academic year. If other people want to join in they should be able to do so. To do: confirm with Gordon McCray that this is his thinking.

IGN and modem access to campus: We are hearing that Jay plans to end WFU's association with IGN by the Fall sometime. We would like to hear from Jay on the rationale for this. We wondered how expensive the faculty IGN accounts really are, in the larger scheme of things, and what alternative(s) would be offered in case we do drop IGN. We agreed that having a common standard ISP is good, and that IGN service has improved since a low point a year or so ago.

The ACSs and their future: Now that the initial cohort of ACSs has been at Wake for a few years and is seeking avenues for professional advancement, it seems a good idea to take stock and think through the possibilities (as well as the relative merits of continuity and turnover). Dean Escott has already done some work on this. We would like to invite him to come and talk with us, along with some additional ACS representatives, probably at a meeting in the Fall. We also discussed the merits of an "ACS pool" system (associated with a Center for Educational Technology) as opposed to assignment of ACSs to specific Departments.

Gathering information on technology in action: While a lot of people across campus are doing interesting things with computers in their courses, it's hard to get an overview of what's going on. We thought that CELI could play a more active role in eliciting and publicizing interesting anecdotal accounts of particular successes and failures (perhaps by sending out "roving reporters"). Also we'd like to see it made a condition of STARs grants that the recipients write up an account of their projects for the web, and register these with CELI. To do: Talk to CELI about this.

Allin Cottrell.