CIT, March 2, 1999

Present at the meeting: Channing, Cottrell, Dominick, Evans, Matthews, Pendergraft, Titus, Warren, Wicker. Guests: Deans Melson, Shorter

Allin Cottrell opened the meeting by noting that the CourseInfo pilot users' group had met to discuss their experiences with the program. At the moment, plans are to continue with CourseInfo in 1999-2000 as the course shell supported by IS. LotusNotes will be available, but not as a standard software. The committee agreed that we should hear more about programs that support collaborative writing.

Deans Melson and Shorter presented their views concerning graduate student computing needs. Based on their experience and data they have gathered, they do not see a serious problem in this area. All agreed that the situation might be somewhat different in the fall of 1999, when all undergraduates will have TPs. At that time we may have more upper level courses with mixed undergraduate and graduate students that could be taught using the TP.

The Graduate School has developed options for accommodating graduate students who want to purchase or lease TPs. Also, a computer lab will be maintained in the library. Options are available for purchase of new, one or two-year old machines, or for leasing two-year-old machines. Students who have IBM compatible computers can purchase software packages that are used at WFU. Pricing is very competitive. Payment plans can be arranged with the Financial and Accounting Services Office. Information sheets outlining these arrangements are available at the Graduate School office, and are sent to entering graduate students. Dean Melson indicated that faculty members who have questions about policies covering graduate student computing should contact him.

The committee will meet on Monday, March 23rd, at 3PM in Library 204, where the new Thinkpad for 1999-2000 will be demonstrated.

Harry Titus