CIT, February 16, 1999

Present at the meeting: Cottrell, Escott, Evans, Matthews, McCray, Norris, Pendergraft, Titus, Wicker.

Allin Cottrell framed a discussion of keyserver issues by asking what policy we will have for shared software when we are working in a fully TP environment next year. Some software will be used by significant numbers of faculty and students, but will not necessarily be on the standard load. Lee Norris pointed out that Tivoli can distribute and keep count of limited use software. He hopes that specialized software distribution can be tied to WIN class rosters in many cases. Cottrell pointed out that the ``seat license'' approach to software use can often be a more efficient use of resources, since the ``seats'' are shared by a number of users. Norris replied that he would study current keyserve usage patterns, and would then return to the committee for further consideration of the issue.

The committee then reexamined the possibility that Dreamweaver might be included in the standard load. After a brief review of improvements that are incorporated in new releases, and discussion of a more favorable pricing policy, the committee recommended that Dreamweaver be included in the 1999 load.

Gordon McCray reminded the committee that the CourseInfo pilot user's meeting would be held at 11:00 on March 2, in a location yet to be determined.

The committee reviewed its understanding of some options that were formulated last year to meet graduate student computing needs. The committee expects to hear more from Dean Melson about this issue at its next meeting, scheduled for Tuesday, March 2 at 3PM.

Harry Titus