CIT, January 19, 1999

Present at the meeting: Channing, Cottrell, Evans, McCray, Norris, Pendergraft, Titus, Warren, Wicker.

Lee Norris led a discussion of the draft policy documents relating to Tivoli. The documents (approved at the meeting) can be reviewed on the CIT web page. Tivoli is currently used to manage network resources; its proposed uses are software distribution and asset management, and remote control applications.

With Tivoli, IS will be able to distribute software to TPs over the network. The TP user will be able to defer or refuse software. By using Tivoli's remote control capabilities, IS will be able to make ``house calls'' to TPs to help resolve users' problems. IS control of the TP can be stopped at any time by the TP user. Userdata files will not be visited. The committee was satisfied that privacy and security concerns have been satisfactorily addressed. Implementation of these Tivoli functions was approved. The functions will be phased in during the course of the semester.

Allin Cottrell asked about the status of the proposed automated backup system (ADSM). Norris said that cost issues related to it were under study, and that he did not expect the system to be adopted this academic year.

Gordon McCray reported on the course shell pilot program that is testing CourseInfo. 18 faculty members are operating about 30 sections with the software. The problems that have arisen are receiving attention, and Rosalind Tedford is keeping a running list of them on a web site.

There was a short discussion about the choice of an operating system for next year's standard load. The committee will make a decision about this issue at its next meeting, which is scheduled for Tuesday, February 2 at 3PM.

Harry Titus