CIT, November 9, 1998

Present at the meeting: Channing, Cottrell, Dominick, Escott, Evans, Matthews, McCray, Piper, Titus, Warren.

Jay Dominick addressed the issue of operating systems in future years. The choices are 1) to stay with Windows 95, 2) to adopt Windows 98, and 3) to adopt Windows 2000 (which is the preferred name for NT 5.0). At present, it seems likely that we will adopt Windows 98 for use in the Fall 1999 machines, and that we will consider Windows 2000 for the Fall of 2001 (possibly for new machines in the Fall of 2000). A decision about the Fall of 1999 will probably be made by January, 1999.

At the next scheduled meeting of the committee, November 23rd in Library 204, we will see a demonstration of Windows 98.

Dean Escott outlined the nature of requests made to the Dean's Office for computing support. They include:

The network implications of proprietary software were discussed. Preliminary ideas about additions to the standard load were raised. There will be more discussion of these issues in upcoming meetings.

Jay informed the committee that the bookstore would no longer be involved with computer equipment. A web-based source is being considered as a replacement. He also mentioned that there has been no change in the handling of corporate accounts on IGN.

There was a brief discussion concerning problems of internet access for athletes during their travels.

Gordon McCray reported that the course shell subcommittee was at work and would soon have a recommendation for pilot software for the spring semester.

Harry Titus