CIT, September 28, 1998

Present at the meeting: Channing, Cottrell, Dominick, Escott, Evans, McCray, Matthews, Titus, Warren.

Chairman Cottrell distributed copies of the proposed computer use policy and indicated that the committee will discuss its provisions and vote on it at the next meeting.

At future meetings the committee will hear from Bernadine Barnes, representing CELI, and from Ching-Wan Yip about a long-range study of campus computing.

The task force studying course shells will include: McCray (Chair), Titus, Anne Boyle, Rosalind Tedford, Rob McCartney, Yue-Ling Wong, Perry Patterson, Dave Brown, Craig Runde.

The nature and merits of the Tivoli program were discussed. This program would inventory software and provide updates to PCs. Only the standard load would be affected. The committee discussed safeguards and policy matters related to the program. Jay will keep the committee updated on these issues.

A backup utility, ADSM, will soon be available. Privacy issues relating to its use were discussed. Jay will provide us with policy statements regarding its use as soon as they are ready.

Jay updated the committee on mail migration plans and developments related to off-campus access to the network.

Harry Titus