CIT, April 28, 1998

In attendance: Patrick Moran (chair), Rhoda Channing, Allin Cottrell, Umit Akinc, Wayne Silver, Steven Wicker, Paul Escott, Robert Evans, Michael Warren, Harry Titus.

1. The Committee discussed current problems with the campus network, as revealed by a complaint from Bob Plemmons of Math/Computer Science, reported in the OGB of 4/23/98. Steve Wicker told us that IS and Cabletron are working on the issue. The observation was made that the "system status" report available from 4272 was often less than useful, since it was not quickly upated during the day in the light of emerging problems.

2. With Dean Escott in attendance, we recapped our discussion of 4/21/98 on the provision of ThinkPads for graduate students (and non-WFU summer school students). There was broad agreement that this is a systemic problem that demands a clear and coherent solution. We reiterated our belief that it should be brought before a suitable sub-committee of the Board of Trustees. Jay Dominick's suggestion that the University might be able to lease ThinkPads from IBM to meet such needs was defended. (Jay still has to report back to the CIT on the feasibility of this.) We noted that as of 4/21/98 the initiative for approaching the Board had been left with Gordon Melson and Bob Shorter; the CIT strongly supports such a move.

3. We discussed various matters relating to the flow of information regarding computing on campus. Dean Escott said he would be happy to present to the Committee a broad summary picture of the uses of computers as reflected in the budget requests he receives. (He also noted that this year the great majority of requests were met in full.) We also spoke of the need for some kind of coordination between the various groups on campus concerned with computer use (e.g. CELI, STARS, CIT, ACSs, and departmental groups). The suggestion was made of organizing some sort of "summit meeting" (say, one a month) where representatives of these groups would come together.

4. Allin Cottrell was elected chair of the CIT for the coming year. Rick Matthews and Gordon McCray will be joining the Committee; Wayne Silver and Umit Akinc will be leaving. Pat Moran will be on leave.

Allin Cottrell, 5/1/98