CIT, April 21, 1998

Attending: Jay Dominick, Harry Titus, Rhoda Channing, Bob Evans, Wayne Silver, Pat Moran, Steven Wicker, Michael Warren, Allin Cotrell, Gordon Melson, Toby Hale (Guest), Bob Shorter (Guest)Business: Dean Melson and Bob Shorter gave an overview of the computing program for the graduate students. There is currently no requirement for Graduate Students to have computers. Rental plans for one year old computers and lease arrangements for new computers were implemented last year. It is intended that those plans continue for the upcoming year. There are 439 graduate students, not including the MALS program.

Dr Shorter distributed a summary of Graduate Student Computer Lab Use. The recommendation of this summary was to keep one lab open on campus in 1999 - probably the ITC Lab located in the Library. Most departments that have graduate students also have computer labs - Accounting, Education, Health and Exercise Science, Physics, Psychology, Biology, Math and Computer Science.

Dean Melson suggested that perhaps a computer "requirement" could be considered. Dr Cotrill mentioned that this would allow graduate students to have a choice about their technology which would be perhaps more appropriate for the different disciplines.

Jay Dominick suggested that the graduate school consider some sort of technology fee - perhaps up to $500/semester for them to have the ThinkPad.

Dr Titus asked if there was a Board of Trustees committee that considered such issues. The curriculum committee is perhaps closest. The problem seems insolvable from this perspective. Taking the issue to the board for decision might be one way to get new insight.

Dean Hale gave an update on the Summer School issue. The vast majority of our students are Wake students. Less than 100 of those students are from other Universities. The problem has not been acute in the past, but may get worse next summer and in the summer of 2000.

The committee considered an option whereby the University would acquire a pool of computers - perhaps leased - that could be provided through the year to the non-traditional undergraduates. Jay will prepare a staff report on the idea.

Next Meeting:

The next meeting will be on the 29th of April at 4:00 in the Library Conference Room.