CIT, March 24, 1998

Attending: Jay Dominick, Harry Titus, Rhoda Channing, Bob Evans, Wayne Silver, Pat Moran, Steven Wicker, Michael Warren, Allin Cotrell, Lee Norris (Guest)


Ms Channing gave us an update on the InterCampus Email committee. The tentative decision by the committee has been to pick Netscape Mail. The InterCampus committee is still doing some research on the compatibility issue with PeopleSoft. The key advantages were ease of use, Quality of Support, Cost of ownership, integration with calendar and functionality.

The committee had a discussion about the policy and direction of maintaining the standard environment. Dr Titus talked about continuing to maintain the template. Many faculty have invested substantial time and energy putting their classes in the template. They need to know that their time investment wont be made obsolete or not supported. Jay committed to continuing development of the "standard" applications. As an example, we will continue to have Eudora Lite on the machine for those that need the basic standard application for email. It was recommended that the committee establish a set of principles for the technology that could be used to guide decision making. The committee took a vote on Netscape Mail and approved the adoption of Netscape Mail as the campus-wide standard.

We also discussed the adoption of a standard Web Editing tool. The task force that investigated the issue recommended MacroMedia DreamWeaver. The price for DreamWeaver is $46/machine in quantities greater than 1,000. The committee was presented with the option of including it on the standard load or of purchasing a set of licenses to be made available for downloading from the network. The committee voted against the inclusion of DreamWeaver on the standard load. The committee asked the ACS representative to conduct and informal survey about how many classes require the creation of Web Pages. Based on the results of that survey the committee may elect to reconsider the issue.

Next Meeting:

The next meeting will be on the 7th of April at 4:00 in the Library Conference Room.