CIT, February 17, 1998

Attending: Umit Akinc, Jay Dominick, Harry Titus, Rhoda Channing, Bob Evans, Wayne Silver, Pat Moran, Steven Wicker, Michael Warren, Allin Cotrell


Dr Titus asked if there had been any conversations about whether or not to include ThinkPads for summer students. Dr Silver replied that the committee discussed and recommended it during the initial planning for the project. There hasn't been any resolution on it since those initial discussions.

Mr Dominick gave an update on the ThinkPad that was demonstrated this past week. The 380 model demonstrated will be superseded by a new model to be available at the end of April by the 380X which will be a Pentium II 233 Mhz processor. We have asked for a demonstration model of the new display within the next few months.

A discussion about IGN came up. Mr Dominick gave an update on the new connection. It has been installed, but the performance for interactive sessions like telnet is still not acceptable. Mr Dominick indicated that he would consider other services for those few users that needed quicker response time. In general service for IGN has improved substantially. Dr Silver talked about his experience with IGN overseas.

The committee discussed the distribution issue that flared up last week on the mailing list. The proposal for a spring distribution has been abandoned. Contributing to the decision not to further consider a spring distribution were the substantial objections raised in the mailing list. The project team is currently looking at asking the orientation committee to consider some time on Friday of that week. In addition to getting more time in the orientation period, the team is trying to find ways to reduce the amount of time required to do the distribution/redistribution process. Dr Evans suggested that we consider waiting until the end of September to do the Juniors. Mr Dominick talked about the process of doing the data backup and restore for the Juniors, using Zip Drives or Network File Space. Dr. Silver asked about whether or not we could do it with CD-ROM burners instead of Zip Drives.

The discussion progressed with a number of very good suggestions being made for re-distribution. The project team will continue to evaluate the options and come up with more plans. The committee will be briefed. Dr Moran asked what the time required to do the transition would be.

Dr Channing asked about Proxy Server for access to IP- based information resources. Mr Dominick said that he would look into it.

Miscellaneous Notes:

The next meeting will be on the 3rd of March at 4:00 in the Library Conference Room.