CIT, February 3, 1998

Attending: Umit Akinc, Jay Dominick, Harry Titus, Rhoda Channing, Wayne Silver, Pat Moran, Steven Wicker, Bob Evans, Michael Warren, Ching-Wan Yip, Allin Cotrell


Mr Dominick gave a brief update about the InterCampus Email Task Force. The committee nominated Rhoda Channing. The committee also recommended that a student be nominated. Michael Warren suggested a student perhaps from the RTA or STARS group. Jay will check and let the committee know.

Ms Channing again brought up the issue of the Computer Use Policy. There is still no response.

Dr Evans asked whether or not there were a particularly large number of honor code violations this year. Mr Dominick replied that they violations are increasing at an increasing rate. The majority of the violations are unintentional.

Dr Yip asked brought the committee up to speed on the process of selecting a web authoring tool. Dr Titus asked if there was an academic requirement for web authoring software.

Dr Silver asked if there was any further information on the display technology. The committee will probably see a prototype of the new system within the next six months.

Miscellaneous Notes:

The next meeting will be on the 12h of February at 4:00 in the Library Conference Room.