CIT, November 4, 1997

The meeting was called to order by Pat Moran at 4:00 p.m. Also attending were Umit Akinc, Rhoda Channing, Allin Cottrell, Paul Escott, Rick Matthews, Michael Warren, and Steven Wicker.

Lotus Notes

The Dean's Office will be sending out letters to the faculty regarding Lotus Notes from the committee and from Jay. Michael Warren has given copies of these letters to the Old Gold and Black. (Steve: could you link in copies of the two letters here?)

Next year's machine

Steve briefly described the presentation by the IBM representative on the technology in upcoming ThinkPad models. Some faculty are lobbying for TFT instead of dual scan screens on next year's model. The committee wants to study this more closely as the date for deciding on the configuration gets closer.

Support for students in Web authoring

Bob Evans raised the issue of training and support for students creating web pages. The discussion included the following points:

Consensus was reached on the following actions:

Umit observed this is just one instance of a major policy question: how do we decide what is and what is not a help desk function. There should be a review mechanism for what is not appropriate.

Rick suggested that it was appropriate for the CIT to request new items be included for support by the help desk, but that usually the help desk should initiate consideration of deletions.


CELI has requested departments to write web pages sharing what they are doing with technology and instruction, their successes, their failures. Members of the committee were asked to help spread the word.

The CELI tech fair Dec. 3.