CIT, October 21, 1997

The meeting was called to order at 4:00 p.m. In attendance were Umit Akinc, Rhoda Channing, Allin Cottrell, Jay Dominick, Rick Matthews, and Michael Warren.

Leaving the Notes Mail standard

Jay presented a summary of the findings of the Lotus Notes specialists who had come to campus to address our problems with Notes Mail and the MTA translator. The Notes specialists could not assure us of adequate performance unless we were to abandon or disable many of the features that attracted us to Notes Mail in the first place. Jay recommended that Notes Mail be dropped as the campus standard.

The other committee members commended Jay and his staff for their diligence in working to resolve this matter. The committee decided to mail the faculty regarding this change. Jay will write a letter much like the one he sent the committee, which will describe the reasons for the decision and will relate how the migration to a new standard will occur. The committee will attach a cover letter endorsing the change and commending IS for their diligence and responsiveness. (Addendum from committee correspondence following the meeting: Allin and Jay will take the cover letter and explanation to the Dean's office. The Dean's office will distribute the letter to departments.)

Students will be informed in three ways:

  1. Students using Notes Mail will be mailed the two letters via Notes.
  2. Michael will report to Student Government on this decision.
  3. Michael will contact the Old Gold and Black.

Selection of a new mail standard

Jay stated that those wishing to switch to Eudora 1.5.4 (included on the standard load), will be able to do so by calling the help desk. Jay reported that President Hearn would like all the campuses and schools to adopt a single mail client standard, and that a technical committee will be formed to recommend the new standard. Jay said that the committee would probably be made up of "techies," because so many of the key concerns are very technical in nature. The CIT members wished to be kept informed of the progress of this study.

The committee reached consensus on the following:

  1. The new mail client should be chosen strictly on its merits, without regard to whether we have used it in the past. All members present felt that the leading packages are all easy to learn and use, and that performance of such a heavily used package is more important than familiarity for most faculty and students.
  2. Eudora 1.5.4 would be included on next year's standard load in addition to the new standard. For those faculty who prefer not to learn a third mail package in three years, the old Eudora will still be there. Jay recommended this approach, and said that support for Eudora 1.5.4 is not a concern, since the support staff are already trained.
  3. The new mail client should be based on open standards. This will mean that future changes in mail client will be less likely to entail changes on the server side, such as POP/IMAP, encryption, and address book support.

Approval of minutes

The committee decided that minutes should be considered approved if they provoke no comment within 48 hours after posting to the CIT listserv. Steve may post the minutes any time after that.

Respectfully submitted,

Rick Matthews