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Wake Forest University

Committee on Information Technology

Members of the CIT
Academic Year 2011-2012

Voting Members

The Dean of the College
  Perry Patterson (d)
The Dean of the Schools of Business
  Gordon McCray (d)
The Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
  Dawyne Godwin/Brad Jones (d)
The Dean of Z. Smith Reynolds Library
  Kevin Gilbertson (d)
The Dean of the School of Divinity
  Clinton Moyer (d)
The Dean of the School of Law
  Ed Raliski (d)
Representative of IS
  Anne Bishop
Student from Undergraduate College
  Brandon Turner
Student from Graduate School
  Michael Crouse /Jacquelyn Grace
College Div 1 (2014)
  Robert Hellyer
College Div 2 (2014)
  Jessica Richard
College Div 3 (2012)
  Susan Borwick
College Div 4 (2012)
  Allin Cottrell
College Div 5 (2013)
  David John
Z. Smith Reynolds Library
  Derrik Hiatt
Schools of Business
  Bruce Lewis
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
  Jed Macosko


Non-Voting Members

The Provost of the University   Rick Matthews (d)
The Vice-President of Student Life   Ken Zick
The Vice-President for Finance and Administration   Paul Heinrichs
The Manageing Director of the Teaching and Learning Center   Catherine Ross
Two Instructional Technology Group representatives   Jeff Muday, Scott Claybrook
One student from the Undergraduate College   Jay Seghal
The Liason toe the Information Technology Executive Committee and the IT Partners Council   Jonathan Christman

(d) = designate

Also, see Committee on Information Technology Roles and Responsibilities.


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