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Committee on Information Technology

Annual Report of the
Committee on Information Technology
for 2009-2010

          The CIT represented the faculty in 2009-2010 in several technological ventures. 

  1. Selecting the Lenovo T410 for 2010;
  2. Moving from Office 2007 to Office 2010 and from Vista to Windows 7.0, the first time Wake Forest has changed platforms at their initial offerings, before patches have been added;
  3. Exploring several options and then selecting Sakai as the new instructional platform and training the faculty and staff in Sakai (The CIT thanks those in the Sakai pilot who got us to this point: ITGs Jolie Tingen and Jeff Muday, the TLC, and pilot faculty members.  In this summer’s transition, they have been assisted by IS, particularly Drew Ray, and the Sakai implementation team.);
  4. Providing extended feedback about the January 2010 draft of the SPITI (Strategic Planning Committee for Innovation in Technology and Information) report that is reflected in the final report dated June 21, 2010.

Hugh Howards, Div. V
Allin Cottrell, Div. IV
Susan Borwick, Div. III
Pat Moran, Div. II
Ken Hoglund, Div. I, chair


Reported to the Collegiate faculty at its October 2010 meeting.


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