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Committee on Information Technology

The Committee on Information Technology (CIT) is a committee of faculty, staff, administration, and students who report to the Provost and ITEC on academic issues relating to information technology at Wake Forest. The committee's official Powers and Duties are
Powers and Duties:

  1. To serve as the principal agent of the Reynolda Campus Faculties for proposing and recommending policies for computers and information technology related to academics.
  2. To guide coordination of new technology-related academic initiatives, and to monitor, evaluate, and make recommendations concerning continuing policies on computers and information technology related to academics.
  3. To prioritize academic projects and tasks for Information Systems.
  4. To receive recommendations from the Subcommittees of individual Schools concerning computers and information technology related to academics within those Schools, and to advise the Information Technologies Executive Committee on these recommendations.
  5. To work with administrative technology groups in addressing campus technology issues.
  6. To encourage and support teaching and learning with technology.
  7. To produce an annual report for the Provost, Deans, Faculty Senate, and Schools.
(Quoted from Faculty Constitution, Bylaws and Statutes, May 2011.)

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